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U.F.O Underground Fashion Order – The Home Of High-End Adult Sex Toys and BDSM Gear

Welcome to U.F.O! Let us help you make all of your dreams come true with our great selection of sex toys, BDSM gear and clothing! We have everything you could desire in one location. We either have the sex toys and gear you are looking for or we will locate the items for you and offer the best prices around. No matter what your fantasy or fetish, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We offer the highest quality adult toys and products, and exceptional customer service to all of our clients.

Adult Toys For Everyone

At U.F.O, we have sex toys for women, adult toys for men, and adult toys for couples. We offer slings, cock and ball toys, masturbation toys, suspension rings, vac beds, you name it. In our adult toy shop, you will also find brand names such as 2Xist, Oxballs, Tom of Finland, Tenga, and many more. Everything we sell is for ease of use, superior quality and performance.


Our lubes are top of the line and made with the highest quality ingredients. We carry water-based lubes that are ideal for use with our adult products, including silicone toys. Silicone-based lubes provide a different consistency than water-based lubes and can generally be used with toys, although not with silicone toys. Hybrid lubes are in between water and silicone lubes and is a good choice for a long lasting lubricant that is easy to clean up with soap and water. Oil-based lubes are great for mastubation and fisting but are not good with most toys especially latex items. Other lubes come in a wide variety of flavors, scents and some can also provide a stimulating effect for when you want a little extra intensity.


Look into our Bondage department! We have a full line of furniture,  collars, restraints, and other types of accessories that can really spark your interest. Doesn’t mater if your a Master, slave, pup, or just role-playing it can be fun and exciting especially when it allows you to explore something new and different. Take a chance and expand your horizons.

Animal Play

If you wanting to try or already into animal play then this is the place for you. We have gear for Bunnies, Foxes, Cats, Minks, Piggys, Ponies, Puppies, and Wolves.

Contact Us!

UFO makes the “world of adult toys” accessible to all. Underground Fashion Order is loyal to all of our customers and employees, bringing you an innovative, comfortable, and sexy atmosphere which promotes sexual product knowledge. We offer top customer service and a quality adult store experience that exceeds all expectations!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or use the chat box at the bottom left of your screen and we will chat with you about anything you are wondering about. We are here to help you make your sexual adventure the best it can possibly be. Your order is 100% confidential and your package will arrive in a discreet fashion and usually shipped the same day that you place your order so you can start having fun right away.